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Upon getting information about an upcoming school science fair and the need to consider a topic of interest, many students will typically have no idea where to get started. While the science fair is typically a common occurrence in any school at any grade level, there are different types of topics that should be taken a look at depending on the age of the student. After first taking a look at the many different categories of science projects, you will be able to locate a suitable choice of topic to take to the next level.There is a wide variety of categories that fall under the types of science projects that can be chosen for a school science fair. These include biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, medicine, environmental, mathematics, engineering, and earth science. While you may not have yet learned very much in any of these categories, don’t be afraid to see what each one entails. Taking a good look at your interests will allow you to focus on the right direction to take.Many resources are also available for those who are unsure as to the topic they are wanting to use to create their science projects. If you take a look at the topics that fall under the biology category, you will likely notice that there are topics that deal with plants, animals, and humans. For those who are in 2nd grade or 3rd grade, an interesting topic may be to determine if ants are picky over what type of food they eat. While this topic might not be of interest to an 8th grader, it is certainly something in the biology category that an elementary school student would enjoy.Along with the biology category, a high school student may want to take a look at diffusion and osmosis in animal cells as this would be a more appropriate topic for the grade level. A student in 6th grade would be more advanced than an elementary school student, but not as advanced as a high school student. At this middle school grade level, a topic of how pH levels effect the lifespan of a tadpole may be of interest.Whichever resource is used to locate a topic for science projects, it is always a good idea to consider the grade level of the student prior to making a selection. It is always assumed to be best to have a project at an appropriate level in order to keep the attention of the student and provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

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So You Want To Study In The USA

If you have decided that you want to pursue your university studies in the USA, then you are probably full of questions regarding degrees and majors. Well, you are not alone. So, let me tell you a little more about the US higher education system and admissions process.College vs. UniversityColleges and universities are essentially the same thing. The main difference is that college refers to an institute of higher education that offers a 4-year degree (Bachelor degrees) while universities also offer graduate degrees including Master degrees and PhDs. Colleges also refer to Community Colleges, which only offer 2-year degrees (Associate degrees) and allow students to take general courses before transferring to 4-year colleges and universities.Bachelor, Master, PhDBachelor degrees are 4-year degrees that focus on one or two academic fields. Bachelor degrees are usually divided in two groups: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Arts degrees usually focus on liberal arts and humanities fields while Bachelor of Science degrees usually focus on science, engineering, technology and business fields. In order to obtain a bachelor degree, you must choose a major. A major is the academic field which you want to study. For example: English, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, International Relations, etc. Some universities also require you to choose a minor. A minor is an optional academic field you can study in addition to your major. A minor should not require as much time or effort as your major, and it usually requires just a few courses. Colleges and universities in the USA offer a variety of majors and minors you can choose.One of the most important differences between the US higher education system and those from other countries is that students in the US must take a variety of courses in addition to their major courses. Most students will need to study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Humanities regardless of their major and minor. For example, Business majors must take English Literature or Art Appreciation as part of their general requirements in addition to their business courses, just as English majors must take Algebra and Biology as part of their requirements. This allows you to be a richer and well-rounded individual ready to give your input in a variety of subjects.Master degrees are graduate degrees, which last 2 or more years, where you can further concentrate and specialize in the field of your choice. You can specialize in a different field than the one you focused on during your undergraduate education (Bachelor’s). Several students change their minds about their career after graduation and go on to get a master’s degree in the field of their choice. In fact, many liberal arts graduates choose to go for an MBA after a couple of years of experience in the corporate world, and some science and engineering graduates choose to go for master degrees in education after acquiring a passion for the education world. Master degrees not only allow you to switch careers, they also give you several advantages including more field expertise, a wider professional network, credibility and better and more job opportunities.PhD and doctorate degrees prepare students for careers in research and academia. In other words, these degrees basically focus on preparing university professors and professional researchers. Research and publications are the main goals of this field, and students must be prepared to dedicate many hours to a specific area of research. PhD programs can last an average of 4 to 7 years. Students usually attend classes for the first couple of years and focus on preparing their dissertation for the remaining years. A master degree is not a requirement for the PhD, but many universities prefer students who have completed graduate studies in their field. Medical Doctor (MD) and Juris Doctor (JD) are professional degrees for students interested in becoming doctors and lawyers respectively. Application requirements for these degrees include a Bachelor’s degree and an entrance exam – MCAT for medical school and LSAT for law school.Admission RequirementsBachelor Degrees: Admission to a BS or BA program requires that you have a High School degree or its equivalent. Most universities also require SAT or ACT scores. International Students who come from non-English speaking countries must also take the TOEFL exam.Master Degrees: Admission to a MS or MA program requires that you have a Bachelor degree or its equivalent. Depending on the program, you will also need to take the GRE exam or GMAT exam (for MBA and Business school applicants). TOEFL scores will be required from international students who come from non-English speaking countries. Note that some universities will waive the TOEFL requirement for applicants who already have a US Bachelor’s degree.PhD and Doctorate Degrees: Most PhD programs require that you have a Bachelor’s degree, however preference will be given to students with previous graduate work. GRE or GMAT test scores will also be required. TOEFL scores will be required from international students who come from non-English speaking countries. Note that some universities will waive the TOEFL requirement for applicants who already have a US Bachelor’s degree.Final CommentsSome schools offer joint Bachelor & Master degrees where students can take an extra year (5th year) of classes and graduate with a BS/MS degree. Many universities also offer joint graduate degrees such as MBA/MS, MBA/JD, JD/PhD or M.D./Ph.D degrees. Admission requirements vary from university to university, so it is important that you check with the school websites and/or admissions office to verify what the exact requirements may be for a particular academic program.

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Travel to Venice for School Trips Packed With Art and Culture

If you are looking into school trips that combine art, culture and history then you should certainly consider Italy as a destination.

With so many beautiful cities that are home to museums, galleries and stunning architecture, you will not find it difficult to plan school trips to Italy.

But for something a little different, heading to Venice could be the way forward, with its world-renowned waterways and unusual construction over more than 100 islands.

Venice’s history dates back to 811AD, so you can be assured that no matter where you go, your students will be surrounded by culture and architecture that charts the development of this remarkable settlement.

While there are many places to visit during your school trip, St Mark’s Square and St Mark’s Basilica should not be missed.

The church was built to house the remains of St Mark and its architecture is striking. If you venture inside, you will find ornate decoration on the walls and ceilings.

Your students may find it interesting to browse the exhibits in the museum that is now part of the religious building.

Here you can see items such as Persian carpets, ancient manuscripts and fragments of mosaics.

If you want to experience more of Venice’s past, then a trip to the Doge’s Palace should be next on your list.

With parts of the complex dating back to the 14th century, this building is steeped in history.

For almost 500 years, it was the seat of power for the Venetian government and its halls and galleries are home to some stunning works of art.

Paintings and sculptures can be found all around the palace, including pieces by Tintoretto and Lombardo.

The old prison building is located next to the Doge’s Palace and is connected to the building by the Bridge of Sighs, another must-see sight.

If you want your pupils to see some examples of contemporary art to contrast with the items on display here, you could take a trip to the Penny Guggenheim museum.

The art collector lived in Venice and now her extensive collection, which includes paintings by Dali, Picasso and Miro, is on show in her former home.

After a few days of sightseeing, you may want to give your students a chance to relax and unwind, so why not head up the coast to the famous Venetian resort of Lido di Jesolo?

Here you will find a beach running for 16 km, giving your pupils a chance to let off some steam and enjoy some of the natural attractions that Venice has to offer.


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4 Online Business Ideas With Low Start-Up Cost

Are you interested in starting your own business, but you have a very small budget to start with? The idea of starting a business has long been viewed as a very expensive venture and is only a common practice among a small group of people. Thankfully, the technology era has leveled the playing field for starting a business. It is now possible to get started with very little cash. And by gaining the right knowledge and skills, you can own a very lucrative business. In this article, I have compiled a list of 4 profitable online business ideas that you can start, with just a laptop and internet access.1. Become A Website Developer.Website development has created many business opportunities over the past couple of decades. Now that there are open source platforms like WordPress, it is quite possible for anyone with a computer/laptop and an internet connection can become a website developer, even if you have basic technical skills. If you are uncertain of whether or not you are able to start a business, creating websites for clients, then a short, informal online course in WordPress can fill in the blanks and give you the confidence to offer your service to potential clients.In addition to, website development, you can offer hosting services to your clients. And no, you don’t have to own a server. You can get hosting services for very little money. You can then offer the service as part of your package for website development. This price is usually set a bit higher than what you pay for the hosting.Online business ideas like website development, don’t require that you have a business space, so if you are strapped for cash and don’t want to incur the monthly cost of an internet bill, then this is the kind of business for you. You can take your laptop to your favorite cafe shop, and make use of their free internet service. Make sure you buy something from the shop, as this will keep you and the business owner happy.2. Start An Online Store.This is one of the most lucrative online business ideas I know of. You can start a business online, selling your own products, or selling other people’s products. The clear advantage of this business model is that you are not restricted by creativity, or location. If you do not have a product, and don’t have the slightest idea how to come up with one, then you can earn huge commissions from selling other people’s product. This is one of the few online business ideas that you can start with no money.If you don’t have an online store, it would cost very little for you to set one up for yourself, or have someone set one up for you. As mentioned before, open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla makes it possible for anyone to create a website. WordPress has great support along with free plugins that can make it very easy for you to create an online store with a shopping cart and an automated checkout system.However, if the monthly cost of hosting is still above your budget, then you can make use of free e-Commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. There is no monthly fee to sell your products, and you only pay a small fee for listing your product.3. Become a Social Media Manager.New social media platforms are springing up all over the internet. These social media platforms have huge audiences at any given time of the day. This makes it important for businesses to create and maintain a social presence on these social media platforms if they want to be visible to potential customers.This need for a social media presence has created a new and unique business opportunity. It is very tedious to spend time creating content to add to the social media platforms. And with so many platforms to have to keep track of, it can be a full-time job.Many companies are in need of a social media manager, and you can help. This is one of the online business ideas that will not become saturated. New companies are emerging every day and need to maintain a social media presence. So you will never run short of a potential client list.It is very easy to create content and maintain a several social media accounts. You can use platforms like Hootsuite to manage several social media accounts simultaneously.You can schedule posts and content for several weeks in advance. You can then charge clients a monthly fee for managing these accounts, which will be a lot less than having to hire an employee to provide this service full-time.4. Become a Mobile App Developer.Before you decide that mobile app development is only for those individuals who have spent years or more pursuing a formal education in coding, you might want to read this.It is possible for non-techs to create mobile apps for clients with no coding skills. You can use mobile content management platforms like MAPS – Mobile Apps Productions Software.These platforms allow you to create mobile apps and publish them to the Google Play and Apple app stores. In addition to publishing the apps on the app stores, the content management platforms allow you to provide back-end access to clients so that they can manage and update their mobile apps. You can also maintain the apps on the client’s behalf and charge an additional monthly fee for management and hosting of the mobile app.More than 91% of the world’s population have a cell phone or mobile device. And as consumers become more attached to their mobile devices and more demanding of what it can provide and provide quickly, the demand for mobile apps will be even greater. More than 95% of businesses do not have a mobile app for their business. You can create a mobile app for these businesses at a price that they can afford. This is one of the online business ideas that has very little competition and huge earning potentials.Looking for More Online Business Ideas?While you may find lots of online business ideas on the internet, it is important to note that being successful in any business requires that you acquire the skills and knowledge of creating the business or service.

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Qualities To Look For In A Telecommunications Agent

When looking for a telecommunications agent, companies should know the right qualities to look out for in a telecoms support individual. There is a considerable number of companies offering telecoms services but with different levels of pricing and quality. It is easy for a company to select the right persons to offer these services if it is aware of the qualities to look out for.A good telecoms specialist should be able to listen to clients and understand their concerns. They should be able to quickly formulate a solution and convey it in a clear and audible voice over the telephone. The ability to listen is a key skill that every telecoms specialist should possess. The ability to listen makes an individual a good communicator and a good telecoms support specialist.A telecoms specialist should be able to maintain positive dialogue even in circumstances where the customer is rude, uses unreasonable language or places undue pressure. This ability to prevent emotions from interfering with ones work will enable the specialist to listen to the customer and effectively convey the right solution to them. The ability to restraint emotions and to be sober while dealing with difficult customers is a necessity to achieve success in this field. A good specialist should have outstanding phone etiquette for excellent results.Due to globalization of business activities and the trend of outsourcing call centers by many companies, bilingual or multilingual specialists are generally preferred to those who only speak one language. The support specialists should have a strong command of the language used in the locations in which the company operates.The minimum education requirement for a telecommunication or call center specialist is a high school diploma. Those with additional qualifications in a relevant area such as a business degree have a definite advantage. Relevant certifications from schools offering training in telecommunication support specialists training are highly considered by some companies.Individuals with high telecoms support experience have a greater probability of securing a good job than those with lesser experience. Most companies prefer individuals with at least one year on the job experience. This is because they adapt quicker to the job and fewer resources are spent training them. A good way for individuals to gain experience is by seeking internships in call centers.Most call centers have integrated web based computer applications in their operations. Individuals wishing to become support specialist should be good in word processing and internet applications. This makes one more efficient at work. They should also be able to maintain concentration over long periods as some calls can take a long amount of time.Individuals who understand and demonstrate knowledge in customer behavior make better employees. Support specialists should understand that the success of the business depends effective personnel in place.

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North Finance Reviews

North Finance has been on the market since 2001. North Finance addressed at Lymasol Cyprus; however, North Finance registered at Belize. Like two sides of coin, this forex broker has two different sides, bad and good side. North Finance’s good side is competitive spread, easy new account opening, small minimal capital, easy deposit and withdrawal operation, interesting leverage, free Meta trader trading platform, good customer support, bank guarantee, swap free policy, IB business opportunity, trading varieties. North Finance is not good at news matter, no news tab in this broker’s Meta trader, and busy server at news release.In this forex broker, the spread is quite interesting; begin from 2 up to 10 pips in the news time and no commission. It is very easy to begin trading in North Finance, you can open account within 10 minutes from all over the world through the internet. The minimum capital to start forex trading in North Finance is $100; moreover, no minimal deposit and withdrawal at this forex broker, you also do not have to pay charge in deposit and withdrawal operation in North Finance. This forex broker accepts deposit via wire and electronic payment (e-gold). Credit leverage in this forex broker is very attractive, especially for low capital trader; begin from 1:1 up to 1:500.This forex broker use Meta trader, instant execution and quotation system with eleven different languages. However, regrettably, North Finance’s Meta trader does not support news that is one of important factor in forex trading. North Finance also support mobile trading; you can download Meta trader mobile freely at this forex broker. North Finance is very good in customer support; you can access customer support 24 hours 5 business days lively on North Finance live chat.Furthermore, this forex broker’s customer supports is very friendly and helpful. Not only good in customer support, this forex broker is also good in deposit and withdrawal operation time via e-gold. Deposit and withdrawal operation in this forex broker is very fast, almost finished in only five minutes. If you deposit $5000 or more at North Finance, you get free Visa Electron card that you can use to withdraw or shopping in any places in the world that have Visa Electron logo. You don’t have to worry putting your money at this forex broker; your deposit above $100,000 is bank guarantees. However, you have to becareful when trading in North Finance at big news is released, this forex broker’s server frequently very busy during big news time. North Finance has the good policy for Moslem trader; swap free for Moslem trader in this forex broker. This forex broker offers excellent opportunity to join a profitable business with them as IB (internet broker). North Finance has had IB forex brokers in more than twenty different countries, some of them are at Russia, China, Malaysia, South Africa, etc. In North Finance, you not only can trade forex, you also can trade CFD on futures, stocks, metals.In conclusion, North Finance can be very considered as a good forex broker. This forex broker can be one of good choice when you decide to start forex trading.

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Is Advertising Hypnosis? Is It Really Mass Hypnosis?

Here in the UK many millions of pounds are spent on a regular basis on advertising.We have come to associate certain TV programmes with products (Coronation Street and chocolate, Dominos pizza and Britains Got Talent, for example), we hum the tunes of annoying advertisement jingles (we buy any car dot com), straplines and catchphrases from advertisements have worked their way into our conversations and sense of humour (simples!), certain famous faces represent a product we recognise before remembering who they really are, we read about the latest films on the back of cereal packets during breakfast, we get pop-up messages on websites, direct mail through our doors and shoved into our newspapers and magazines, we even have big yellow books filled with advertising that we are given for free… And this is only the bigger budget stuff I am referring to… I have not even mentioned advertising on the sides of buses and other vehicles, for example.I have a few friends who insist that advertising does not influence them in the slightest, in fact, they swear blind that they buy other things in particular to move away from buying into big budget advertising campaigns…. I doubt they are typical.Advertisers continue to invest money in delivering their messages in the hope and with the aim that we absorb the information and subsequently have our buying habits altered and influenced. They want us to buy their product rather than others and to make a choice for their service instead of their competitors. They want us to feel like we are missing out on something if we buy cheaper, they want their product to appear more attractive and so on and so on…Advertising is everywhere and anywhere. The messages contained within it range from basic to complex, from basic imagery, to surreal concepts. What’s more, I am regularly told by colleagues, peers, friends and others, that advertising is a form of hypnosis.Is it actually?It is clear for anyone to see that advertisers do utilise a range of suggestive techniques to attempt to influence you to invest in their service or product.Often they attempt to creating a need for their product, I mean I can remember when moisturising really was not something men did and I cannot recall there being moisturisers aimed at men when I was growing up. Yet today, I have several different kinds making my bathroom cabinet bulge as i simply need to have different moisturisers for post-shave, post-shower, before going to bed and after a day in the sun etc, etc.On other occasions, advertisers employ techniques whereby they want you to identify with the people (or individual) featured in their advertisement so that you can be like them if you have their product, or you can also solve your issue by using the same product, or your family will be happy if you share this product with them.These advertisers will even then tell you what a brilliant, informed and intelligent choice you made by choosing their product, they may remind you of how wise you are for having made this choice, and how better your life (and the life of your family) will be now that you chose their product. They may attempt to make you feel sexy, clever, enlightened, responsible or whatever it takes for you to choose that product or service.Then there are those others who have a man in a white coat holding a test tube, who is clearly an expert scientist, who tells you that this product is proven to work and that we must not read the small print at the foot of the advertisement telling us it only works that way for 55% of people in a randomised trial. Yes, scientific data covers our advertisements as a way of authenticating the product.I have friends, mentors who have written book upon book on influence and persuasion and advertising, I could not do this subject any justice in one single blog entry, this is a much more complex subject indeed… the point that I am making here is that many people do draw parallels with the field of hypnosis because advertising uses words and images in a way that is intended to influence your behaviour and even alter the way you live your is therefore not surprising that many people consider advertising as mass hypnosis. Though we have these similarities, are they really the same? I mean, how does an image or idea on a written page, or on the television then affect our behaviour in such a way that it is comparable to clinical hypnosis? Especially when some of them are only a few seconds in length, or just a still frame image with a slogan.There is a belief held by some advertisers and hypnosis professionals alike, that believes the majority of people don’t actually engage their full attention with advertisement; that is, they wander off to other things while being exposed to the advertisement.There is a lot of evidence to suggest that subliminal messages do not influence us at all. However, much social psychological and cognitive research suggest messages may be absorbed, even when we are not giving it our full attention. The work of Sherman in 1998 and 2000, referred to this as “priming” whereby as a result of having been exposed to a product through the advertisement, we then recognise that product when we are out shopping and choose that product as a result.There are a wide number of studies that anyone can go and take a look at online that do show that the more familiar we are with a product or service, the more likely we are to buy it and consider to be a positive choice to make.In 1999, Aronson highlighted that repetition and familiarity are progressive ways of getting messages into peoples awareness.In clinical applications of hypnosis, we tend to know that repetition can be incredibly hypnotic and useful and we strive for a degree of trust and expectancy which is similar and has parallels with familiarity. So maybe there are parallels between these two topics of advertising and hypnosis, eh?I am tough to convince, so let’s look a bit further into this.There are estimates made by all kinds of experts about this, but in our day-to-day lives, we get bombarded by thousands (some think millions, others hundreds) of pieces of information ranging from obvious advertisements on telly or in magazines, to conversations we have with the people we encounter, to books we read and that is not even considering many other forms of information (as I type this, I have 5 windows open on my PC that are feeding me all kinds of data right now!).Every piece of information that reaches you, that you absorb, is surely influencing you in some way. Even our day dreams, our own internal dialogue, are influencing us in some shape or form.Within our hypnotherapy sessions with our clients, we often seek to influence those clients in a way that enables them to alter their behaviour, or change their experience of themselves in a way that helps them.Any kind of therapy, in particular talk therapies, usually involves wanting to help a client reach a more satisfying, happier place in their life, doesn’t it?We attempt to equip individuals with the skills to live in a way they find better.As hypnotherapists, how do we do that?What does a hypnotherapist says or do that influences the client in a beneficial way? Being able to progressively influence someone, is that something the hypnotherapist does to the client because of some inherent or innate gift or skill? I am sure many would suggest that the manner, skill and depth of knowledge of the hypnotherapist contribute to their ability to positively influence the client in a hypnosis session.Or is the influencing happening because of the receptive (or non-receptive) state of the client? There are many of us in the hypnotherapy field that appreciate the client derives more benefit is they are sufficiently motivated, open-minded, expectant and prepared to be responsible for their share of the hypnotherapy results.We can see that within advertising, suggestions are delivered. In hypnosis, we often consider our clients to be suggestible. Suggestibility can be seen as an ability to welcome new ideas, being prepared to learn new things and take on other perspectives, for example.So then as we take on new information, ideas and perspectives, depending on its relevancy and beneficial value to the individual, it may well affect a person’s experience anywhere from a little to a lot.Do you think that previous paragraph is about hypnosis or advertising?In a hypnotherapy session, the client is the person being influenced, and is therefore in some sense also suggestible. They have chosen to be there in some way and therefore are open to making changes, obtaining new perspectives, and affecting their experience in ways that are going to help them enjoy life more, or cope with better in some way.if you look at the work of Theodore Barber (1969) you’ll know that very few adults ever accept information without appraising it in some shape or form. So there is a great big difference between suggestibility and gullibility. Hypnosis does not render people gullible.Is the same sort of suggestibility present when we are subjected to advertising. I don’t really think so. We are open to new experience, or may dig our heels in, defend our other choices in opposition to the advertisement, for example. And though that can happen in therapy too, there is a difference.There are indeed a number of parallels between hypnosis and advertising. But advertising is not hypnosis. They share some principles and both hypnosis and advertising do learn a great deal from the other, but they are not the same thing. Ok, so we might use certain terms related to hypnosis to describe the effects of advertising from time to time, but when you look closer, you see how easy it is to distinguish one from the other.

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Best Computer For Home Video Editing

Before you look for the best computer for home video editing there are a few things that will ensure the best choice. When shopping for the best computer for video editing follow these guides for success.1. Most computer software and hardware vendors will list the minimum system specifications that are required to run either the editing system or in the case of the computer, the operating system.Minimum is the operative word! If you get a computer with Vista as the operating system and two gigs of RAM, don’t be surprised if, by the time you load your programs, you only have ½ a gig left with which to edit. Always double, or if you can afford it, triple the RAM that the program says it needs. RAM is all important when it comes to video editing.2. If you are going to be editing long videos over an hour in length, or if you want to add 3D effects, filters and have multiple layers of video, you probably will be best served by a workstation class machine. When you call and research components and prices tell the representative what you intend to edit and get their advice on what you need.3. I would recommend a Dell or HP on the PC side and the Mac Pro on the Mac side. If you go with a workstation you will be rewarded with the best components and a really stable platform, but the old adage applies, you get what you pay for. Workstations cost more, but they are worth it. If you are not going to super involved editing, you don’t have to go this fare, but be sure to load up on RAM.4. Always get more hard drive than you think you need. Video eats up hard drive space, so load up initially and you will be happier in the long run, especially if you are editing long projects.5. Be sure to get a computer with adequate cooling even if you have to upgrade the basic package. All that video computing generates heat, so be sure to compensate for it.6. The video graphics card is an integral part of the system. Spend the extra money and get the best. It is money well spent that will improve your editing by allowing your computer to do more work for you.One final thought to consider as you build the best computer for video editing is processing speed. Dual core or more is the minimum. Speed is everything! Non linear editing systems require as much speed as possible. Faster machines mean no dropped frames, smooth playback and shorter rendering times. If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to building the best computer for video editing that you can afford.

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Business Loans Are Not Hard To Get

There has been a tremendous amount of talk in the media over the last few years about how small businesses cannot access business credit (loans, lines of credit, working capital advances or business credit cards).In fact, several small business associations claim that 41 percent of small businesses cannot access business credit or business capital.I say they are wrong. What they are actually saying is that they cannot access business credit on the terms they want or in the form they desire.Clearly, getting a business loan in 2004 through early 2008 was a lot easier than it is now. But, what really happened was that business loan underwriting standards where drop or lessened – allowing individuals and business owners, many of who should not have gotten credit in the first place, to obtain risky loans – loans that were not repaid and could have never been repaid; very similar to what mortgage banks and mortgage brokers did with home loans.They underwrote risky loans just to collect origination and processing fees then sold those loans off to investors (again collecting additional fees) – holding no risk in the end. What this did was put a lot of unnecessary toxic business credit in the market – loans that should not have ever been made.Think about it this way. Let’s say that on a scale of 1 to 10 based on a loan difficulty – with 1 being the easiest option of obtaining a business loan. Prior to 2004 – business loans had a number of about 5. They were not easy to get or hard to get. Banks just followed standard loan underwriting protocols. Thus, those who should get business loans did and those who shouldn’t – didn’t. At that time, underwriting was based on costs of funds and risk of repayment.But, when congress open the secondary market for these loans (just like they did for secondary home mortgage loans with Fannie and Freddie) – banks realized that they could quickly collect underwriting fees then pass off those loans without assuming any risk. Based on this (just like with the housing market) – they lowered their underwriting standards (why not as they had no risk – it was all up side for them). Thus, the difficulty number for business loans dropped from 5 all the way to 1 (where anyone could get a business loan regardless if they qualified or not).Therefore, for years, business owners were able to quickly and easily get business capital if they were willing to pay the bank’s or lender’s fees.Now that the market collapsed, the difficulty number for business loans has once again returned to its normal position of 5 – making them not easy or hard to get.The 41 percent who claim that they cannot access business credit today are the ones who should not have gotten credit in the first place.The bottom line is that business loans are not hard to get – they were just really easy to get a few years ago and have now resorted back to where they should be on the difficulty scale.To obtain a business loan today – you must first understand why your business needs outside capital (it has to be for growth – anything else is wasted money) and then understand how your business, as it stands, can leverage itself to obtain those funds – there are as many ways to obtain business capital [out] as there are request and each one is no harder than it should be.To obtain a business loan today – you must first understand why your business needs outside capital (it has to be for growth – anything else is wasted money) and then understand how your business, as it stands, can leverage itself to obtain those funds – there are as many ways to obtain business capital as there are request and each one is no harder than it should be.

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Finance Online Help – How to Manage Your Personal Finances Using Online Services

Finding Finance Online Help is possible if you need help in dealing with money troubles or other financial difficulties. You can find a great deal of financial help for your household finances, online loan applications and even applying for a personal loan online with online finance help sites, without paying the cost of high fees.Dealing with financial planning is not something most of us enjoy, particularly if there is not so much coming in to actually plan with. However, it is necessary to properly manage our personal finances otherwise it could be too late once a downturn or emergency hits us.Most of us turn to credit and bank institutions to help us through, which can compound the problems. Seeking out help from online financial help sites, blogs and services is a good  place to start to discover valuable ideas to consolidate debts in order to lessen your payments or how to manage your tight budget as well as how to bring in some extra money from other sources.If you want to seek out free finance online help websites you will be surprised to find you can organize your household finances and personal money issues for wealth building without paying a cent. It has never been easier to get help online and there are a ton of tools and articles that can help guide you to success.The type of help you can expect to find with online finance sites will come in the from informative articles on managing your personal loan online, household budgeting, free personal accounting software downloads, to advice on debt consolidation, refinancing and getting financial aid, household finances and online loan applications. You’ll even find budgeting spreadsheets as well as free software to download as well.Let us cover a few of the best online help services for managing your personal finances:•    First is YouTube. There are plenty of resourceful people giving so much advice and how tools on all sorts of money issues.•    Second is the It is a completely free website to help with personal finances, budgeting and expense tracking that includes a number of helpful tools and suggestions for reducing your expenses and tracking you’re spending.•    And of course there is always Google Search: This search engine contains millions of sites that give a wealth of information on just about anything from experts covering on topics from investing in gold to bad credit repair.The benefits of getting online financial help means you don’t have to sit through presentations, waste your gas, pay for parking, or worst, waste your time and money, getting the wrong type of advice.Improving your personal finances is a lifelong and rewarding journey. With all the completely free personal finance online help resources available today you can take hold of your financial life back from your creditors.

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