Travel to Venice for School Trips Packed With Art and Culture

If you are looking into school trips that combine art, culture and history then you should certainly consider Italy as a destination.

With so many beautiful cities that are home to museums, galleries and stunning architecture, you will not find it difficult to plan school trips to Italy.

But for something a little different, heading to Venice could be the way forward, with its world-renowned waterways and unusual construction over more than 100 islands.

Venice’s history dates back to 811AD, so you can be assured that no matter where you go, your students will be surrounded by culture and architecture that charts the development of this remarkable settlement.

While there are many places to visit during your school trip, St Mark’s Square and St Mark’s Basilica should not be missed.

The church was built to house the remains of St Mark and its architecture is striking. If you venture inside, you will find ornate decoration on the walls and ceilings.

Your students may find it interesting to browse the exhibits in the museum that is now part of the religious building.

Here you can see items such as Persian carpets, ancient manuscripts and fragments of mosaics.

If you want to experience more of Venice’s past, then a trip to the Doge’s Palace should be next on your list.

With parts of the complex dating back to the 14th century, this building is steeped in history.

For almost 500 years, it was the seat of power for the Venetian government and its halls and galleries are home to some stunning works of art.

Paintings and sculptures can be found all around the palace, including pieces by Tintoretto and Lombardo.

The old prison building is located next to the Doge’s Palace and is connected to the building by the Bridge of Sighs, another must-see sight.

If you want your pupils to see some examples of contemporary art to contrast with the items on display here, you could take a trip to the Penny Guggenheim museum.

The art collector lived in Venice and now her extensive collection, which includes paintings by Dali, Picasso and Miro, is on show in her former home.

After a few days of sightseeing, you may want to give your students a chance to relax and unwind, so why not head up the coast to the famous Venetian resort of Lido di Jesolo?

Here you will find a beach running for 16 km, giving your pupils a chance to let off some steam and enjoy some of the natural attractions that Venice has to offer.


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